Tom Hayden, Presente!

The Port Huron statement, founding SDS, community organizing in Newark and the South, leading disruptions at the Chicago Democratic convention in 1968 that triggered the infamous Chicago 7 trials that in turn both galvanized and polarized Americans across race, generation, culture, the politics of imperialism. Tom married and split from a movie star (a force in her own right), led the charge against global trade agreements as a California state senator when most of us were still figuring out how they structured and entrenched prevailing powers. And consistently tried to analyze where the people's power was, how to articulate it and make the most of it.  He didn't get to lead us - or follow us - to any Ultimate Victory. But he was a consistent, insightful and sometimes powerful progressive force. Tom Hayden, 1939 - 2016. I’ll miss him.

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