Tom Hiddleston Is So Much More Than #Hiddleswift

The Brit turns 36 on Feb. 9!

Last summer, Tom Hiddleston was thrust into the spotlight thanks to his fleeting romance with the one and only Taylor Swift

Hiddleswift, as the pair was dubbed, was everywhere ― England, Rhode Island, Nashville, Italy. But before we knew it, the fling/relationship/publicity stunt/whatever you want to call it was all over. (For the record, Hiddleston claims it was 100 percent the real deal.)

The high profile relationship seemingly helped Hiddleston become a household name, but the Brit is so much more than that short-lived romance. 

Before Hiddleswift, the actor had gained a solid following thanks to his role as Loki in “The Avengers,” and he scored a role in the acclaimed miniseries “The Night Manager” (for which he’d go on to win a Golden Globe).

Aside from that, he’s pretty easy on the eyes and he’s downright lovable. 

Just look at him cuddling with this baby leopard! 

And here he is dancing: 


In case you need a little more help falling in love with the star, who turns 36 on Feb. 9, check out the video above. 



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