No, Tom Hiddleston Didn't Gush About Taylor Swift On A Belgian Radio Show

Sorry, #Hiddleswift fans.

On Thursday, an interview featuring Tom Hiddleston gushing about Taylor Swift made the rounds online, surely making #Hiddleswift fans everywhere giddy with excitement.

In the interview, which supposedly happened on Belgium's Qmusic radio show, the 35-year-old actor openly gushed about Swift, calling her "an absolute delight" and describing their relationship as "a roller coaster ride of action and spectacle and lots of laughs.”

But just when everyone thought Hiddleston was being adorably candid about his rumored new lady love, we learned it was all a lie. 

That's right -- the whole interview was faked. The radio station even admitted it, saying, "It was a spliced together recording of old interviews. [Hosts] Maarten and Dorothee called Tom two years ago and used the footage as a joke a few days ago." And if that's not proof enough, a rep for Hiddleston confirmed the news to The Huffington Post via email. 

We're not sure what they were hoping to achieve with such a terrible joke, but our guess is it could be cause for some bad blood between the station and the couple. Or maybe the couple will just turn the other cheek and shake it off. We can't say.

But, if you're shipping #Hiddleswift hard, you can listen to the clip below and just imagine (in your wildest dreams) that it's real. 

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