Tom Holland, Before He Was Famous

Today marks the release of “Spider-man: Homecoming”, which is the sixth Spider-man film in fifteen years. Yes, it seems like overkill and in many ways it is. Yet, somehow this new Spider-man film is being critically lauded as the best depiction of the wall crawling hero to ever grace the silver screen. Which is a big feat for the twenty-one-year-old Spider-man actor Tom Holland.

The young British actor is the first non-American to play Peter Parker and is a classically trained theater actor and ballet dancer. Holland was one of thousands of actors who auditioned for the role of Spider-man back in 2015 when Disney and Sony reached a mutual deal to bring the hero into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After a very competitive audition process, Holland landed the roll when he did a literal backflip on a screen test with Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr.

But who was Tom Holland before that big backflip?

Well, Michael McCrudden has the answers we tell you to seek. In his newest video, McCrudden breaks down who Holland was before he was winning directors over. Check it out.

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