Tom Of Finland Foundation Highlighted In New MOCA U Film

Touko Laaksonen, better known as Tom of Finland, is a famed erotic artist and queer icon whose legacy spans multiple generations.

The Tom of Finland foundation continues to embody and celebrate his contributions to both erotic art and the queer community, and a poignant new short film is now providing visibility to the foundation itself and Durk Dehner, co-founder of the foundation and one of Tom's muses.

"Durk Dehner met Tom because of a compelling image on a bathroom wall and soon became the artist's muse, patron, and longtime friend," the Tom of Finland Foundation said in a statement emailed to the Huffington Post.

"In this short video, Dehner and foundation vice president S.R. Sharp discuss Tom's radical imaginary, his command of the gay male gaze, how Tom of Finland got his name, and why Tom made the move to Los Angeles. Dehner has preserved the home he shared with Tom as a homage to Tom's legacy, and to this day, the home remains open to the public."

The film is presented by The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. Check out the video above to watch the compelling interview.

Interested in learning more about Tom Of Finland? Visit the foundation's website.