Richard Hawkins Tours Bob Mizer And Tom Of Finland Exhibition (NSFW)

(Note: The video above may contain imagery that is not suitable for work or other sensitive environments)

A historically important queer exhibition is currently running at the Museum of Contemporary Art in West Hollywood featuring the works of Bob Mizer (1922-1992) and Touko Laaksonen, a.k.a. "Tom of Finland" (1920-1991).

Titled "Bob Mizer & Tom of Finland," the exhibition is the first to ever feature the work of the two artists simultaneously. Both artists are crucial to the development of queer art and have radical political significance for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) movement.

The exhibition features not only Finland's iconic drawings and collages exploring male sexuality, but Mizer's rarely seen photo-collage "catalogue boards" and films.

"One of the most interesting things that came about in researching this show was being able to look at the ways gay artists advocated themselves, presented themselves and went about living their lives fully, erotically and richly in the times preceding Stonewall," artist Richard Hawkins told The Huffington Post in an email. "We, of course, call it 'Pride' now –- but when it comes to understanding Tom of Finland’s and Bob Mizer’s modes of dealing with the world’s oppressions in their own day, you might want to use the word 'shameless.'"

Check out the video above to join Hawkins as he tours the exhibition, and head here for more information about the exhibition itself.