Labor Secretary Perez: We Need A Safety Net For Gig Economy Workers

He doesn't believe companies need to choose between innovating and protecting their workers.

Labor Secretary Thomas Perez believes workers in the gig economy need a social safety net, he told HuffPost Live on Friday. 

"We can build inclusive innovation, not only in the on-demand economy, but really across every sector of the economy," he said. "When we understand that our workers are our most precious asset, we can all succeed and we can do so in a way that enhances our bottom line, enhances communities." 

Having protections for workers who happen to become injured is "critically important," he said. 

"I've talked to many many leaders -- both workers and business leaders," he said "We're very interested in that search for solutions... and the rejection of false choices of it's either innovation or helping workers, that's bogus." 

Watch the HuffPost Live segment above.