Tom Selleck Settles That Spooky 'Three Men And A Baby' Rumor

No, it's not about the pee on his shirt in the promos (which was real).

What do you get when you leave three single dudes in charge of one baby? A ghost, apparently.

Actor Tom Selleck recently stopped by “The Tonight Show,” where host Jimmy Fallon questioned him about his starring role in 1987’s “Three Men and a Baby.” (Yep, it’s 30, and we’re old.) After Selleck revealed that the stain on his shirt in the video cover is “real pee,” Fallon got down to the tough stuff — the ghost that supposedly made an appearance in the film.

Fallon pulled up a still from the movie that shows a figure in the background by the curtains. Fans spotted the figure as the film’s popularity grew, and rumors circulated that it was the apparition of a boy who died in the spot where they filmed the movie. The tale was persistent enough to even make it into the film’s Wikipedia entry.

“The story was that this kid died in the house where we shot the movie, this little boy. Well, we shot it on a sound stage,” he said. “They built the set and all.”

C’mon, Tom! First you’re telling us that the ghost isn’t real, and now you’re saying the house isn’t, either?!

Snopes had already debunked this myth before Selleck had a chance to do so, however, stating that the figure in question was actually a “standee,” or a standup cardboard cutout, of Ted Danson. Honestly, if that were haunting us, we’d be a little freaked out too.

“This was a big deal for video sales,” Selleck mentioned to Fallon at one point. “Maybe Disney made it up.” 

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