Tom Waits' 'Back In The Crowd,' Second Track Off 'Bad As Me'

Our favorite growler/sewage gargling promoter Tom Waits has a new album out you guys! Spread the news! And while you do, make sure his gorgeous track "Back In The Crowd" is playing at full blast behind your shoulder, so you can attract followers like the Pied Piper. Out today on iTunes and Spotify, the track is Waits at his seductive bear-voiced best, purring through a slow, rhythmic, guitar-driven Latin ballad featuring his avant-garde guitar buddy Marc Ribot and Los Lobos frontman David Hidalgo. "If you don't want these arms to hold you," he growls at the start, prompting the immediate question: who is stupid enough not to want those arms to hold them, when they belong to the owner of that voice? Success, Mr. Waits. Characteristically, it's nothing like the album's raucous title track, "Bad As Me," which dropped on iTunes yesterday.

(via Stereogum)