Tomato Soup Recipes: 10 Different Takes (PHOTOS)

Ahem: one of these recipes involves grilled cheese croutons.

Last week, as we learned that we were about to be buried under many inches of snow, our brains clicked into provision-gathering mode. On the top of the list? Tomato soup, as always.

While canned tomato soup is great to have around for emergencies (either real ones or laziness-induced ones), it will never beat a homemade tomato soup recipe. We got to thinking about how many great variations of this one, ultimate comfort food exist, and we just knew we had to pull together a few to share with you guys. Whether you like yours creamy, spicy, with croutons or with grilled cheese, we've got a recipe you'll love. We think it's important to note that one of them involves grilled cheese croutons. Stay warm out there, guys!

Tomato Soup Recipes

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