How To Turn Your Overripe Tomatoes Into The Best Cocktail

Don't throw them away!

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Tomato season is looming and that means we can finally eat tomatoes that actually taste like, well, tomatoes. No matter how perfect those supermarket options look, they never taste quite as good as tomatoes from the farmers markets. The only problem with these vine-ripe beauties that fill our summers with glee is that they ripen really, really quickly. Sometimes faster than we can eat them (despite all the BLTs we wolf down this time of year).

But when life hands you overripe tomatoes, you don't toss them. Nope, you turn them into cocktails. The most summery-flavored cocktails you'll ever have the pleasure of sipping.

First, you can turn those overripe tomatoes into tomato water. Tomato water is great for so many uses -- like making sorbets, soups and vinaigrettes -- but we love it most for making epic cocktails. The process takes a while, but it's mostly hands off. Roughly chop the tomatoes, puree them in a food processor with salt and leave it to sit in the fridge overnight in a coffee filter-lined sieve set on top of a bowl.

You can use that tomato water to make a fresh-tasting Bloody Mary for brunch.

Or you can go a slightly different route and make a spicy version of tomato water to be used in this Tom and Ginger recipe from Food52. Vodka, white vermouth, ginger liqueur and lemon bitters all come together with tomato water to make the it drink of the summer.

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