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Tomato Week: Easy Tomato Recipes & Tomato Plant Harvesting Tips

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It's tomato time.

Tomato plants in gardens around the country are lightening their loads, as their tasty treats ripen and eager gardeners pluck the fruit. Farmer's markets are a sea of red, orange, yellow, and green globes of flavor, from the giant beefsteaks to tiny midget heirlooms. It's a great time to be a tomato lover. Gardening gloves come off and chef's aprons go on, as our focus shifts from how to grow them to how to eat them all!

In honor of the overflowing bunches, barrels, and baskets of tomatoes everywhere, we've named this week Tomato Week here at Maria's Farm Country Kitchen! All week long, we'll be sharing a slew of delicious recipes for garden-fresh tomatoes (like yesterday's simple tomato-and-pepper salad--go check it out if you missed it). In the meantime, here's a bushel-full of tomato resources to help you make the most of the season's bounty.


Slooooowww Roasted Tomatoes: Ruby-red cherry tomatoes, glistening-green grape ones, and sunny yellows all roast to perfection in this recipe. Organic Gardening editor Katie Walker shares how she showed a little oven lovin' to her first batch of tomatoes for tasty results!

It's Tomato Time: Our Organic Gardening experts have compiled the very best tomato info into this article. Tips on picking and storage can be found here, as well as new ideas for tomato kebabs, salads, and soups.

Harvesting Tomatoes: For the worrisome gardener in us all, here's a foolproof guide to how and when to harvest. No matter what variety you grow, these tips will make sure more lovely round ones make it to your kitchen ripe instead of rotten.

Tomato Defense Guide: Is That Late Blight, or Something Else?: Fuzzy leaves, moldy fruit, spotted, or brown? Experts weigh in on what some of these mysterious symptoms mean for your tomato plants. Decode nature's message on your tomato plants with's defense guide.

How to Can Those Extra Garden Tomatoes: Can those tomatoes like a pro, even on your first go. Follow the equipment recommendations and step-by-step process to enjoy the taste of summer tomatoes all winter long. Find recipes for canning the perfect pasta sauce, too!

So, go get picking, washing, slicing, canning, and cooking! We'll have delicious advice about garden tomatoes all throughout the week. What are your all-time favorite varieties or must-make tomato recipes? Share your comments below, or on our Facebook page.

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