2 Shot During 'Old West' Gunfight Reenactment In Tombstone, Arizona

Incident happened during the city's annual "Helldorado Days."

Two people were shot in Tombstone, Arizona, during a gunfight reenactment when one of the actors allegedly used real bullets.

One of the actors, Tom Carter, was late to the performance and his weapon wasn't checked, according to News 4 Tucson. During the shootout, he allegedly hit actor Ken Curtis with a real bullet.

Both were members of the Tombstone Vigilantes performance group.

"The Vigilantes immediately stopped the show and Tom was relieved of his weapon," Bob Randall, the city's marshall, said in a statement cited by the Tucson Sentinel. "During inspection of his weapon, it was discovered that there was one live round in the cylinder with five expended casings indicating the gun had held six live rounds prior to the skit."

In addition, a woman identified as Debbie Mitchell was grazed by a bullet. She, however, refused treatment.

Other bullets reportedly struck local businesses and nearby buildings.

Tombstone is known for its historical reenactments of Old West gunfights, and Sunday's incident happened during the city's annual "Helldorado Days" celebration. Next week marks the anniversary of the Oct. 26, 1881 "Gunfight at the O.K. Corral."

Mayor Dusty Escapule told the Sentinel that the Vigilantes won't be allowed to perform reenactments "until it can be determined all weapons are safely loaded with blank ammunition as required."

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