Tomi Lahren Ad Aims To Add 'Levity' To Current Political Climate

She says symptoms for "snowflakeism" include "Bern-ing" and saying "I'm with her."

Tomi Lahren is keeping herself busy in her post-TheBlaze life with pithy ads for a pro-Donald Trump group.

In a 30-second advertisement, paid for by the Great America Alliance, Lahren talks about the mythical disease “snowflakeism” and touts the website as a place to find the “cure.”

“Are you or someone you love having difficulty accepting the fact Donald Trump won the presidency?” Lahren asks at the ad’s start. “You may be suffering from acute chronic snowflakeism.”

Lahren goes on to say that symptoms for “snowflakeism” include “Bern-ing” (referring to diehard supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders), noting that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote or saying “I’m with her,” and ignoring “Benghazi, email servers and billions to Iran.”

The 24-year-old political commentator ― who lost her job at TheBlaze after she called anti-abortion conservatives “hypocrites” and pronounced herself “pro-choice” ― has long been on a crusade against what she calls “snowflakes.” So her role as the primary voice in the video is extremely on-brand. Additionally, the Great America Alliance ran a campaign-style ad just last month called “Showboat” that accused former FBI director James Comey “of grandstanding and placing politics above the security of the country.” 

A spokesperson for the Great America Alliance told the Washington Examiner that the Lahren ad “was addressing the fact that after six months people are still protesting Donald Trump as president,” and that it was “meant to introduce ‘levity.’”

Much like Mike Huckabee, Lahren’s attempts at conservative humor fall a bit flat. Perhaps she’ll do better when she faces off against comedian Chelsea Handler at the third annual Politicon later this month. 



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