Tomi Lahren's Tweets About Trump Voters Never Rioting Come Back To Haunt Her

The Fox News contributor vowed to "continue the hard work" started by the president after her eyebrow-raising claims resurfaced.

If you thought Wednesday’s deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol would sway Tomi Lahren’s devotion to President Donald Trump, well, think again. 

The Fox News contributor was hit with criticism online over her old tweets that denounced “rioting” and argued that Trump supporters wouldn’t resort to violence in the wake of an election loss.  

On election night last year, Lahren wrote: 

Her denouncement of “riots,” however, could be traced back even further. In May 2020, the death of George Floyd, a Black man, at the hands of Minneapolis police sparked national demonstrations calling for racial justice. 

Though the majority of those protests were nonviolent, that hasn’t stopped opponents of the movement ― like Lahren ― from claiming otherwise. 

Needless to say, Lahren’s claims seem spectacularly uninformed in light of the events of this week. 

On Wednesday, a Trump-supporting mob, egged on by the president himself at a rally, stormed the Capitol as Congress was meeting to certify Electoral College votes for president and vice president. Lawmakers and staff were forced to take cover during the violent occupation, which left four people dead and dozens of police officers injured. 

Twitter users wasted little time in making sure Lahren knew her past comments had really missed the mark. 

Among those to call her out was Sacramento Kings player Tyrese Haliburton:

Others felt similarly. 

By Wednesday, Lahren attempted to clarify her comments somewhat, but with anything but a mea culpa.  

“What happened yesterday is not our President’s legacy,” she wrote on Twitter. “I am very disappointed in what occurred & disgusted with the Trump supporters (plus leftist agitators) who stained the movement.”

“Nevertheless, the America First agenda presses on & we continue the hard work started by Trump,” she added