Tomi Lahren Gets Owned By Registrar After Alleging Voter Fraud In California

The Fox News contributor's accusatory tweet was reduced to roadkill.

Tomi Lahren’s latest claim of voter fraud just got destroyed by Los Angeles County officials.

Lahren, the Fox News Media contributor who joined the chorus of far-right media types parroting President Donald Trump’s lie that the 2020 election was stolen, suggested that California was allowing mischief at the ballot box.

“Just received my California voting code and mail-in ballot information...only problem is I haven’t lived in California in over 2 years and have been registered in Tennessee for over 2 years but it’s all good, fraud is a myth,” Lahren tweeted sarcastically on June 3.

The office of the Los Angeles Country Registrar-Recorder and County Clerk replied with a fierce tweet debunking her insinuation.

“Checked and your registration is INACTIVE due to returned mail and would only be reactivated if you responded or voted signing the oath attesting to your qualifications and residence,” the registrar tweeted to Lahren.

“Please DM to confirm your data and we will process a cancelation. Thanks.”


Lahren has attempted to stir suspicion on California voting previously, and it looks like authorities had enough.

Lahren tried to sow doubt in another tweet on June 3, writing: “They definitely don’t want MY vote because it wouldn’t be for the dirty Democrats ruining that state!! I just wonder how many illegal immigrants are getting these nifty ballots in the mail….”

She did not present evidence.

Right-wing personality Tomi Lahren insinuated California is allowing voter fraud.
Right-wing personality Tomi Lahren insinuated California is allowing voter fraud.
Michael Tullberg via Getty Images
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