Tommy Jordan, Laptop Shooting Dad, Appears On 'TODAY' Show To Discuss Daughter's Punishment (VIDEO)

Laptop Shooting Dad Breaks His Silence

One month after Tommy Jordan's controversial clip was posted on YouTube, the father who shot his daughter's laptop appeared on NBC's "TODAY" to discuss the video that riled parents across the nation.

Jordan, who has been avoiding media attention since the incident, spoke with Matt Lauer about his actions, saying that although he's been scrutinized by thousands, he still stands by his actions.

For the first time, daughter Hannah Marie also weighed in on the video.

"I think he overreacted a little bit, but I understand," the 15-year-old told Lauer.

In February, Hannah posted a message on Facebook complaining about her parents. Jordan found the note and said he took to the public to show Hannah the consequences of her actions.

"I got down on her level," Jordan said. "She put it on Facebook; I put it on Facebook."

Jordan explained that several other methods proved ineffective in the past, and finding the teen's note was the last straw. But Jordan was quick to point out that he loves his daughter.

"I have a great daughter," Jordan told Lauer. "She made a mistake that day; I made a mistake that day."

Days after Jordan's video made its rounds on the Internet, the gun-toting father took to his Facebook page to say he'd do it again, though with a few minor tweaks: He'd ditch the cigarette, retract calling his daughter an "ass," change hats and shine his boots.

In addition, the past few weeks have taught the entire family how powerful -- and public -- the Internet truly is, the Associated Press observes.

Hannah remains grounded to this day, and no, a new laptop isn't coming her way in the near future. However, Jordan did reveal he removed the hard drive that holds Hannah's data and photos before he shot the device. When the time comes, he said he'd give it back.

Watch a clip from the interview above then head to the "TODAY" website for the full video.

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