'The Room' Creator Tommy Wiseau To Star In Web Series (VIDEO)

'The Room' Creator Tommy Wiseau Has A New Project

From the man who created the worst movie ever made (and wants to take it to Broadway), comes a video game review show.

Tommy Wiseau, who produced, directed and starred in "The Room," a cult classic widely regarded as one of the worst pieces of cinematic trash in history, will now appear in "The Tommy Wi-Show."

On the show, to be distributed on video game entertainment network Machinima's YouTube channel starting September 25, Wiseau will review new video games while somehow battling alien forces. Described as "part talk show, part video game reviews, and infinite amounts of weird sci-fi insanity," the show is sure to appeal to anyone who still bursts into "You're tearing me apart, Lisa!" at parties.

Watch a preview for "The Tommy Wi-Show" below:
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