TomorrowWorld: Tomorrowland Festival Will Travel To New Destination In September

The folks behind Tomorrowland, said to be the world's biggest dance music festival, have quite an announcement: The party is hitting the road.

Dubbed TomorrowWorld, the first iteration of a Tomorrowland-organized event outside of Belgium will take place Sept. 27-29, 2013. The destination has yet to be revealed, but the team has rolled out a website and guessing game for fans.

The news comes at a great time for the Tomorrowland team, which sold out 180,000 tickets in "just one second," according to press materials provided by the festival. Attendees from 214 countries will attend this year's main event, a higher number than those who participated in the London Olympics (204 nations). A number of festivalgoers will fly in on Tomorrowland branded planes and stay at discounted hotels.

Tomorrowland was founded by Manu and Michiel Beers, Belgian brothers who describe TomorrowWorld as "more exciting than anything we ever dreamed of when we started years ago as young music lovers and entrepreneurs."

"We see it as a big, fantastic and very unique opportunity," they said in a statement. "It will be an enormous challenge and a big step for our young, creative and vibrant team."

Though the location of the new festival has yet to be announced, the Beers brothers promise it will take place somewhere "that feels like a second home" that's "similar to our fantastic terrain in Belgium."

TomorrowWorld marks yet another step in the festival's attempts to include -- and monetize -- those who are unable to buy tickets for and/or travel to Tomorrowland. Last year, the festival partnered with YouTube to launch Tomorrowland TV, which offered seven hours of live-streaming on each day of the event.

UPDATE: Industry rabble-rouser Albert Berdellans has some more TomorrowWorld developments, which are unverified at this time. (Berdellans goes by The EDM Snob and is an employee of Ultra Music. He says the below tweets are wholly unrelated to his employment at Ultra.)

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