Today, TOMS Asks You to Go 'One Day Without Shoes'

Today is no ordinary Tuesday.

In big cities and small towns, at universities and Fortune 500 companies, and in countries all around the globe, people are gathering together to take a message to the streets. While activists pounding the pavement is nothing new, there's something unusual about what's going on today:

People aren't wearing shoes.

For most Americans, the question isn't, "Will I wear shoes today?" but rather, "Which pair will I choose?" Shoes are a fun way to express ourselves, and we have lots of pairs to match our changing moods and outfits. When a pair gets worn down or is no longer trendy, we leave them on the street or tuck them away in our closet -- never to be thought of again.

But in most parts of the world, this is far from the case.

For hundreds of millions of children, shoes are a luxury that they simply cannot afford. In many developing countries, children walk barefoot for miles risking injury, infection and exposure to soil-transmitted diseases. Many schools require shoes for attendance, giving children without them no opportunity to learn. And some soil-based diseases not only cause physical symptoms, but create cognitive impairment too, crippling a child's long-term potential. I've seen this with my own eyes in Argentina, Ethiopia and South Africa, and TOMS' giving partners experience this everyday in 20+ international countries.

I'm writing this blog because we need your help, regardless of where you live, or what you do, today doesn't have to be just an ordinary Tuesday. For one day a year, the TOMS' community goes barefoot to raise awareness for the children around the world that don't have shoes. We call this event One Day Without Shoes, and TODAY is that day.

If this is a cause that you feel inspired to support, take off your shoes, roll up your pants, and experience over the next 24 hours (or even just the next few minutes) what millions of children have no choice but to feel every day.

Hundreds of thousands of people will be pounding the pavement today -- will you join us?

For more information about One Day Without Shoes and to find a barefoot walk in your area, CLICK HERE.