TOMS 'One Day Without Shoes': SUBMIT YOUR PHOTOS

For many, going barefoot isn't a choice.

That's why TOMS Shoes, a one-for-one company that delivers shoes to children in need around the world, marks April 10 as a day to make a difference by going barefoot.

One Day Without Shoes encourages people around the world to kick off their footwear to raise awareness for those who go without -- specifically those who go without shoes.

Not having shoes doesn't just limit a child's acceptance to school, but can come with major health risks: 4 million people around the world are living with podoconiosis, a disfiguring and debilitating soil-based disease, according to TOMS.

Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS Shoes and HuffPost blogger, thinks the experience is as uniting and global as it is intimate and uncomfortable.

"The general concept for the past five years has been the same: take your shoes off for 10 minutes, walk a mile, or go all day barefoot," Mycoskie wrote. "You'll quickly realize how uncomfortable it can be, and our hope is that this feeling creates a lasting connection you have with the need TOMS shoes aims to address."

So if you're one of the thousands going barefoot today, tell us why. Submit your photos and tell us "I'm going barefoot because..." in the slideshow below!