TomTato, Tomato-Potato Plant, Now Available (VIDEO)

WATCH: The TomTato Is Here, And We Are Scared

We're all about combining potatoes and tomatoes together when cooking -- but the development of a new plant, the TomTato, has us a little weirded out. The TomTato, now available in the U.K., is a tomato and potato plant in one. Both the tomatoes and potatoes ripen at the same time.

Thompson & Morgan, the horticulture company behind the TomTato, says the the tomatoes are sweeter than most supermarket varieties. The TomTato is not genetically modified -- it is a grafted plant, meaning that tissue from one plant is attached to tissue from another.

A different version called the Potato Tom, made by another company, is available in New Zealand starting in October.

The TomTato lasts only one season.

Correction: An earlier version of this article referred to the plant as a hybrid. It is technically a grafted plant, not a hybrid.

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