Tone-Deaf Debbie, Another Reason I Won't Vote for Hillary

As if I needed more clarity in describing why voting for Hillary Clinton and cementing in that "Third Way" pro-corporate stranglehold over the Democratic Party scares me more than Donald Trump, onto the stage walks Debbie Wasserman Schultz, as if on cue.

She's the head of the Democratic National Committee. In 2008, She was Hillary Clinton's campaign co-chair. Her job is to get Democrats elected nationally in the congress and the presidency. She's also a House Democrat from Florida. Allegedly.

Through her actions, though, you have to wonder if she's really some sort of Republican operative whose agenda is to destroy the Democratic Party.

The latest affront from Tone-Deaf Debbie is to take the side of the predatory payday loan industry in pushing a bill that would de-fang Senator Elizabeth Warren's Consumer Financial Protection Bureau from, you guessed it, policing the predatory payday loan industry.

Wow. Just wow.

Let's see, one of the biggest knocks on Hillary is that she is beholden to big business interests and will further their agenda over that of the common people.

So Tone-Deaf Debbie teams up with one of the most odious big business interests to further their agenda over the poor working class people who've been screwed by these loan sharks?

For those millennials and the #BernieOrBust crowd who can't abide Hillary, they dream that the first woman president is Elizabeth Warren.

So Tone-Deaf Debbie positions herself, the head of the Democratic Party's administration, directly against Elizabeth Warren, the darling of the Democratic Party's soul?

That's what we get from the head of the Democratic Party's campaign apparatus? Rush Limbaugh and Frank Luntz couldn't have scripted this better!

Tone-Deaf Debbie claims that this industry-favored bill will help the consumer of payday loans. After all, she knows, because she wrote most of what is now Florida's law to go after payday lenders. The bill she supports to gut the CFPB payday policing powers would exempt those states, like Florida, that have their own payday policing laws.

Say, how's Tone-Deaf Debbie's Florida law working out for consumers there, anyway?

Data compiled by the nonpartisan Pew Charitable Trusts is similarly dismal. A typical Florida payday loan customer ends up taking out nine payday loans a year and is stuck in debt for nearly half of that year, according to Pew. The average interest rate on Florida's payday loans is 304 percent -- only slightly better than the 390 percent annual average. Critically, the average payday loan amount of $389 is equal to 35 percent of average paychecks in the state -- in line with national figures.

It's working fantastically... for the payday lenders who've purchased the latest for-sale DNC Democrat.

This isn't the only knock on Tone-Deaf Debbie, just the latest. You may have remembered her from her role in scheduling as few Democratic debates as possible and mostly on weekend nights opposite NFL playoffs.

Or that time when she fought Florida's medical marijuana amendment and spewed a bunch of reefer madness as her justification, like the "gateway theory" that marijuana leads to heroin.

Or that time she actively supported and campaigned for three Republicans in Florida against Democratic challengers because they were her friends.

Tell me again why I should reward Democrats who behave this way with my vote? If the best you've got is that Republicans are worse and The Supreme Court!!!, then you don't properly perceive what's at stake here. Choosing the lesser of two evils now guarantees our future choices remain evil.