Toni Collette Calls The Hollywood Pay Gap 'Crazy'

"Creativity is genderless. Money is genderless."

Toni Collette is the latest actress to step forward in condemnation of the film industry's gendered wage gap.

In a conversation with HuffPost Live on Tuesday, the "Miss You Already" star joined the likes of Jessica Chastain, Jennifer Lawrence and Amanda Seyfried in speaking out against the pay disparity between female and male actors, which, according to Slate, is commonly 40 cents to every dollar.

"Creativity is genderless. Money is genderless," Collette told host Alex Miranda. "We're all human. The [pay] imbalance is crazy."

Collette also took issue with the lack of diversity on screen.

"There should be stories for all," she said. "As humans, we need to see ourselves. We want to be reflected in storytelling, so there really should be stories for all -- all kinds of people, ages, races, sexes."

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