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TONIGHT: Senate Will Pass AIPAC's Iran Sanctions Bill To Undercut Obama

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It appears that the 800 pound gorilla that is AIPAC has been eating regular. The Senate is prepared to vote tonight -- under super expedited procedure -- on AIPAC's legislation that would impose onerous sanction on Iran, cutting the legs out of the President's diplomatic strategy.

Read this analysis by Lara Friedman, Americans for Peace Now's crack legislative director on this potentially disastrous move that would punish the Iranian people while likely doing nothing to deter an Iranian nuclear bomb.
(plus this)

Note. This is being done in the dark of night although, on the good side, it takes only one senator to stop it (and he or she can do it anonymously).

Read Lara's analysis. Plus follow her links to vatious information on this disastrous piece of legislation.

How perfect that it will pass at night. As Steve Rosen, the former espionage indictee put it, "a lobby is a night flower. It thrives in the dark and dies in the sun."

Is there a single senator with a flashlight. Tonight is the night to shine it. Or are there a hundred senators who are ready to fast track a military confrontation with Iran?