‘Tonight Show’ Asks Voters About Joe Biden’s Primary Challengers — With Surprising Results

The skit featured interviews with Americans who totally knew exactly who Dean Phillips and Marianne Williamson were.

The Tonight Show” poked fun at President Joe Biden’s Democratic primary challengers with a series of “street interviews” with potential voters.

Host Jimmy Fallon pointed out that over the weekend, Biden coasted to victory in South Carolina’s primary, winning 96% of the vote. His two Democratic opponents, author Marianne Williamson and Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Va.), secured 2.1% and 1.7%, respectively.

“That’s right, there were two other people running against President Biden,” Fallon said with a smirk. “And earlier today, we went down to the 30 Rock Plaza to see if literally anyone can name these two candidates just by looking at their photo.”

As the bit progresses and interviewees exhibit increasingly detailed knowledge of the two presidential candidates, it becomes increasingly obvious the interactions are staged.

Watch “The Tonight Show” segment below.

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