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Is Prince Harry Eyeing Tony Abbott's Daughters? Aussies Gleeful At The Prospect

Prince Harry has only just stepped foot onto Australian soil, but the country is already geared up for the royal to snatch up one of the prime minister's daughters.

“Lock up your daughters Tony Abbott, Prince Harry is heading down under to party,” read a headline in Melbourne's Herald Sun just before his arrival today. Harry's making his first official visit to Australia in celebration of the Australian navy’s entrance into Sydney Harbor 100 years ago. But it seems Aussies are interested in getting the prince to notice Abbott's daughters, Bridget, 20, Frances, 22, and Louise, 24. (Hey, a royal choosing an Australian commoner for a wife isn't unheard of -- remember Princess Mary?)

Whether or not he's interested, Harry will certainly encounter two of the sisters, Bridget and Frances, at a party on Saturday night hosted by the prime minister. Of course, the 29-year-old prince, touted as "the most desirable ginger in the cosmos" by The Australian, is getting pretty serious with his London-based girlfriend, Cressida Bonas. The pair attended a James Blunt concert and a showing of "The Book of Mormon" earlier this week. But we'll have to see if Cressie has truly tamed Harry's partying ways...

The Aussie prime minister, who couldn't deny that his daughters were "not bad-looking" just last month, better keep a close eye on the charming Brit at that shindig on Saturday.

See photos of Tony Abbott's daughters:

Louise (L), Bridget (2nd L) and Frances (R)

louise bridget
Louise and Bridget

frances bridget
Frances and Bridget

bridget louise
Bridget and Louise

frances bridget
Frances and Bridget

What a charmer:

Flirting With Prince Harry...

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