Tony Awards 2013: Follow Along For Live Updates (LIVEBLOG)

The 2013 Tony Awards are taking over Radio City Music Hall tonight, led by four-time host and general theater darling, Neil Patrick Harris. The three-hourlong shindig will feature performances from some of the biggest Broadway shows of the year, as well as a bevy of Hollywood cameos from nominees and presenters like Tom Hanks, Scarlett Johansson and Zachary Quinto.

Frontrunners of the night include Best Musical nominees "Matilda" and "Kinky Boots," the latter leading the pack with a whopping 13 total nods. "Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike," Christopher Durang's mouthful of a production, remains the favorite for Best Play. As always, we're still keeping our fingers crossed for a few underdog victories as well.

Join us here at 8 p.m. EST for every win, upset, dance number and impromptu rap of the night. In the meantime, check out the list of this year's nominees and predictions on who will take home a golden statue.

Tony Awards 2013
Tony Contenders 2013
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