Tony Blair To Work For Louis Vuitton?

Tony Blair To Work For Louis Vuitton?

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair may be making a foray into fashion with a consultant job at Louis Vuitton, the Telegraph UK reports. A source said last week, "There is an agreement in principle but nothing has been signed yet. Mr. Blair won't be joining the board but he will be acting in an advisory role, working very closely with [Bernard] Arnault," reportedly one of Blair's close friends. Blair's job might be to attract new clients.

According to The First Post, Blair is expected to be paid $1.2 million.

Blair has previously consulted for JP Morgan Chase and Zurich Financial. And he's not the first British leader to make waves in the fashion community. Get to know London Mayor Boris Johnson, an unlikely friend of fashion, and, at the other end of the style spectrum, current Prime Minister Gordon Brown, GQ's worst-dressed man.

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