Tony Hawk Finally Gets To Show Gravity Who's Boss

"Today we get to try some tricks that we've only ever dreamed about," the skateboarding legend said.

For more than three decades, skateboarding pioneer Tony Hawk has been redefining the sport, defying gravity with hard-to-believe stunts like last year's first-ever "vertical spiral."

But this week, at age 48, "The Birdman" got to test his skills without the force that has left him with a broken pelvis, broken elbow, concussions and countless sprains and cuts. 

In a new promotional video for Sony, Hawk and fellow professional skateboarder Aaron “Jaws” Homoki demonstrate flips, front-foot impossibles and the dreaded "double-air, spinaroo," all while flying in weightlessness inside a Zero Gravity Corp. airliner.

"We've been battling gravity our whole lives," Hawk says in the video. "And today we get to try some tricks that we've only ever dreamed about." 

But as it turns out, skateboarding without gravity has its own challenges -- even for the legendary master. "You have so many ideas, and once you're weightless you forget what to do," Hawk said. "Except to just enjoy it."

As you can see, age isn't keeping Hawk from flying high.  



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