Tony Kuber Shot 5 Times Over iPhone: Phone Surrendered, But Robbers Fired Anyway

Anthony "Tony" Kuber handed his iPhone over when two masked men confronted him near the 47th Street Red Line station on Monday in Chicago, but despite the 31-year-old's cooperation, the robbers shot Kuber five times before fleeing.

The Tribune reports Kuber had left the CTA station around 8:35 p.m. Monday when the pair of robbers approached him in a viaduct near the Dan Ryan Expressway and 47th Street. Police Officer Laura Kubiak told the paper the robbers went through Kuber's pockets and made off with his jacket, wallet and the iPhone after shooting him.

Kuber is still recovering in the hospital, reports Fox Chicago, and will need additional surgery according to family members.

Reportedly shot in the chest, arm and leg, the victim's father Martin Kuber, 51, told the Tribune bullets went through through his son's "elbow, into his lungs and they shot him in the stomach, the hand and the kneecap." Kuber may lose the use of one of his hands as a result of the attack.

In June, the Tribune analyzed the city's crime database and CTA ridership records to spot trends in crime aboard public transit and found most crimes on or near CTA property happened during evening rush hours.

The report stated that, between 2009 and 2011, robberies of CTA passengers were up 69 percent.

According to new research published the gadget insurance site Protect Your Bubble, Chicago isn't anywhere near the worst city for gadget theft, as the Windy City doesn't even crack the top 10 cities for smartphone loss and theft. Coming in the number one position: Philadelphia.