Tony Molchak Shot His Wife While Fighting His Ex's Boyfriend (RAW VIDEO)

An argument over child visitation rights ended with a woman being shot -- and the victim got it all on video.

Her husband and another man face charges in the drunken scuffle that could have ended up a lot worse.

It started Aug. 25, when Tony Molchak dropped his daughter off at his ex-wife's home. Molchak exchanged heated words over visitation rights with Gary Schussler, his ex's new husband. Molchak's wife, Shelley, filmed the verbal altercation on her smart phone, which escalates when her husband punches Schussler.

Schussler then pulls a gun from a holster and goes after Tony Molchak.

"You got a gun? You want to shoot..." Shelley Molchak says as Schussler turns to the camera, revolver in hand. He appears to kick Shelley and she goes down. There is a struggle, and Schussler drops the cocked and loaded gun.

"I've got the gun now," Molchak says in the video. But once he retrieves it, he accidentally discharges the weapon, shooting his wife in the back and hitting her lung. She suffered a collapsed lung and was taken to a Cleveland hospital for treatment. The injury was not life-threatening, the News-Herald reported.

Geauga County deputies told the newspaper that Schussler was drunk at the time of the argument. He was charged with second-degree felony assault and first-degree misdemeanor using a weapon while intoxicated. Molchak was charged with first-degree misdemeanor assault and third-degree misdemeanor negligent assault.

Schussler's attorney said his client acted in self defense.

"[Molchak] came on my client's property, and my client did what he had to do to protect himself," attorney Michael Peterson told WKYC.



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