This Simple Exercise Can Help You Make Peace With Whatever Is Bothering You

If there's an unresolved issue in your life, try this approach from Tony Robbins.

When something big is bothering you, the negativity and frustration can feel all-consuming ― and the resolution, too often, elusive. Life coach Tony Robbins has spent decades empowering people to resolve and overcome the obstacles in their paths, and he says there’s a relatively simple exercise that anyone can do in the face of a persistent life dilemma.

Walking through the exercise with Oprah on OWN’s “SuperSoul Sunday,” Robbins demonstrates how this simple technique can help people with unresolved issues find the peace and clarity they’ve been searching for.

First, Robbins says, put your hands over your heart and close your eyes. Feel the beat of your heart.

Next, think of whatever issue is troubling you ― something that ranks relatively high on a scale of one to 10, Robbins says. “Ideally, it’s a seven or above,” he says. “You really want to resolve it.” 

Then, focus on your breath going in and out. “Physically feel your heart. Feel it filling with blood and oxygen,” Robbins instructs. “Feel the beauty of your heart. ... Feel the strength. And feel what you’re grateful your heart has guided you to do in this life. So many beautiful things.”

As you’re breathing and feeling that, think of three things you’re grateful for ― whether large or small ― and spend a few minutes focusing on each.

“Step into that moment,” Robbins says. “Feel it right now like you’re there. Breathe it. Feel it. Enjoy it. Fill up with it. Then think of a second one that you can feel really grateful for and see it with your own eyes as if you were there. Really take it in. Then think of a third one. Find one that you really, really enjoy. Feel like it was a blessing, such a beautiful blessing in your life. Sometimes coincidences are great because we know we didn’t create them.”

Once you’re in the pure and beautiful state, return your thoughts to the thing that’s troubling you. “Ask yourself, ‘In that situation, all I need to remember is...? All I need to focus on is...? All I need to do is, what?” Robbins says. “And your heart knows the answer. Can you feel it?”

When Oprah does this exercise with Robbins in the above clip, her heart’s answer to a troublesome issue becomes clear: “[It] is, appreciate that I’m even in this position to even have that as a dilemma,” she says. 

Suddenly, Oprah says that the dilemma no longer seems as overwhelming. “It feels like, done,” she says.

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