Tony Robbins Reveals The One Thing His Fans Always Seek

It extends beyond success, he says.

As a renowned motivational speaker, Tony Robbins has delivered his messages of success and empowerment to literally millions of people all over the world. What brings each person to one of Robbins’ sessions can vary widely... on the surface, at least.

In speaking with Oprah for an interview on “SuperSoul Sunday,” Robbins explained that although there are many different reasons people attend his talks, what they’re truly looking for is something other than a form of success.

“Some are coming because they want to master some form of achievement ― they want to transform their body, their money, their finances, their relationships,” Robbins acknowledges. “But I think underneath it all, what we’re all looking for is a life of fulfillment, a life that has meaning.”

His role, Robbins continues, is to help individuals embark on a path toward not just what they want, but what they need, which is a life that’s about more than just themselves.

“There’s only so much pleasure you can get from food or sex or music or anything,” Robbins says. “But when we really have a beautiful experience, the first thing we want to do is share it with somebody we love. Sharing it magnifies it.”

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