The 'Stupid' Reason Tony Robbins Went Through With His First Marriage

"Even on the day I was being married, I knew it wasn't right."

Tony Robbins had always been a people pleaser. But at some point in his life, the popular life coach realized he had to be willing to let go of trying to please everyone in order to do what was right. Never was that idea clearer than when Robbins divorced his first wife.

Years before Robbins married his current wife, Sage, he was married to Becky Jenkins from 1982 to 2001. However, as Robbins tells Oprah during an interview that aired on OWN’s “SuperSoul Sunday,” he sensed from day one that his first marriage might not go the distance.

“Even on the day I was being married, I knew it wasn’t right,” Robbins admits. “But I didn’t want to disappoint her. It sounds so stupid, but it’s the truth.”

In deciding to get divorced, Robbins also gave up on his desire to constantly please, even if that meant bearing the brunt of his family, friends and fans’ disappointment. “I never said you should stay in a relationship if you’re miserable, but people look for a reason to be upset,” he says.

In getting divorced and letting go of his willingness to please at all costs, Robbins believes he opened the doors to fulfilling his true destiny ― part of which led him to Sage.

“I never would have found this soul if I hadn’t done that,” he says, gesturing toward his wife. “If I look at my life and say, ‘What would my life be without Sage?’, everything else would be dull by comparison. I’m not saying that to blow smoke. This is the gift of my life.”

As fulfilling as his work is, Robbins continues, it is his marriage to Sage that fulfills him the most.

“I feel like this is where I fill up so I can go rip open the moment for every human I can meet who wants it,” he says. “I fill up somewhat with that, for sure, because it’s my mission. But I fill up even more here.”

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