Tony Snow Job Questions

Is there something dark and 1984ish in Tony Snow getting the White House spokesman gig?

Is the Bush Administration finally cutting out the middle man and making this administration a Fox News program? Will press conferences be slotted before or after The Factor?

Was the fact that Tony has his colon removed make him the only Republican candidate who wasn't a complete ass-hole? Will that keep him from being able to to dump on the press?

Will press conferences be called Snow Jobs?

What would they have called them if Jeff Gannon got the job?

And why didn't Hannity get the job? Would he have interrupted so incessantly that Helen Thomas wouldn't be able to finish a question? Why wouldn't that nail the job for him? Did word get back to the White House that he actually enjoyed hugging Stephanie Miller?

Was Michael Savage too busy nailing gays to a cross? Why wouldn't that have nailed the job for him?

Was O'Reilly too busy trying to nail his producers?

Was Bill Bennett turned down because he would have spurted out that "aborting all White House reporters would get rid of most of the bad news for the administration?"

Was John Gibson...? Nevermind.

There's a lot of unanswered questions, but then again, isn't that the job of a Presidential spokesman?

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