Tony The Tiger Is Really Not Into All These Furries Asking For Sex

He's not feline the love.

Tony the Tiger does not think offers of sex from furries are… very enticing. (Thought we were going to say grrrrrrreat, didn’t you? We’re better than that.)

The striped cereal mascot has been besieged by furries’ randy replies since at least last year, and multiple media outlets picked up on the trend in November.


But Tony isn’t tolerating the unwanted sexual attention anymore, Gawker reports. As of late, the big T has been on an apparent furry-blocking spree — including the accounts of professed furries who say they’ve never even tweeted at Tony.

When asked why Tony gets so much attention from the furry community — while other cartoon animal figures like Smokey Bear go unnoticed — Twitter user Mouse of Habsburg, who had previously tweeted erotic requests at Tony, told HuffPost that the whole thing was somewhat of an inside joke.

That said, furries on the internet aren’t the only ones who see Tony as more sexualized than your average cartoon tiger. A Vice writer in 2012 called Tony a “Michelangelo-built tiger-man,” noting his optimal shoulder-to-hip ratio.

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