Tony Weingartner, Hitchhiking Artist, Gets Tattoo For Every Car That Doesn't Pick Him Up (VIDEO)

This hitchhiker's earning his stripes — or something like that.

French artist Tony Weingartner is sticking his thumb up around the world this year. His latest "work" included possibly his most painful hitchhiking experience this year: a tattoo on his rib for every car that passed without picking him up, Animal New York reports.

He and his partner Chifumi uploaded a video to YouTube on Tuesday, showing his attempts to bum a ride on an unknown highway. Indeed, for every car that passes Weingartner, his buddy pulls up a tattoo gun and marks a permanent tally just below his right arm.

It's all part of a series the two call "Radical Drift."

Weingartner winces in pain for every mark he receives. But eventually he does get picked up. The final count might surprise you. Watch the video above and find out.

hitchhiker tattoo

HINT: He gets a whopping 48 tattoos.



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