"Too Close to Call"?

Webb's lead over Allen is more than ten times larger than that of Bush over Gore in Florida when Roger Ailes called the presidential race for Bush in 2000. Tester's lead over Burns is as of this writing at least twice as large as Bush's 2000 Florida victory margin.

When will the networks and the newspapers and PBS stop saying "too close to call" and start acknowledging that the Democrats won both houses?

Faced with numbers like these, Karl Rove would have called the spin machine to paint the trailing candidates as sore losers. He would have done it 12 hours ago.

With every news cycle that passes, the presumption of victory grows weaker--not in fact, but in perception.

Why are Chuck Schumer and the DSCC being more polite, more reticent, more measured than would, were the tables reversed, the Republicans?

What can possibly be gained by such misplaced politesse?