Airline Flies Obese Man To Destination -- Then Refuses To Fly Him Home

Kevin Chenais flew to the United States from France for medical treatment a year and a half ago. But last week, when he tried to fly home, the same airline that flew him in decided not to fly him back.

According to CBS Chicago, 22-year-old Chenais, who weighs 500-pounds as a result of a hormone disorder, has been stuck in Chicago, trying to find another way home.

"We blame British Airways because now they just leave us, and they brought us here,” Christina Chenais, Kevin’s mother, told the station. "If they could bring him here with that problem in economy, there was a way to take him back by economy but just get him back home for his medical treatments to continue."

Chenais requires oxygen and medical attention regularly, which may have contributed to the difficulty.

In an emailed statement to The Huffington Post, a British Airways spokesperson said they "worked tirelessly to try and find a solution for the family" but "were not able to safely accommodate the customer on any of our aircraft."

Asked why Chenais was able to fly in on the airline, but not back out, the representative declined to comment, citing customer privacy. However, she assured HuffPost that the "British Airways approach to safety has not changed during that time."

The rep added, "We were in regular contact with the family to discuss other options and we provided hotel accommodation and food throughout."

The family says they'll now have to take a train to New York, then cross the Atlantic Ocean by boat en route to France, reports CNN.

In November of 2012, a 425-pound New York woman died nine days after repeated attempts to board her on increasingly larger airplanes. She had been attempting to fly home from Hungary, but she was denied a seat on three separate flights.