'Too Long; Didn't Listen' Ep. 1: Comedian Tom Shillue Reveals The Origin Of The Ragtime Gals

HuffPost Comedy Editors Carol Hartsell and Katla McGlynn spend all day looking at funny things on the Internet. Now, they have a podcast. This is "Too Long; Didn't Listen."

For our inaugural episode, we sat down with comedian, storyteller and TV commentator Tom Shillue to discuss the latest celebrity photo hacking, the origin of his "Tonight Show" barbershop quartet, the most annoying part of social media "breaks" and more. But not too much more. After all, this is TL;DL.


We introduce Tom and talk about our moms and technology. Plus, remember CD-ROMs?

04:02 - Everyone Just Calm Down

We break down what people are freaking out about on the Internet. This week, the massive celebrity nude photo hack. Whether you consider it a scandal or a crime, one thing is for sure: people used to send their nudes to the photomat. Now that's crazy.

13:22 - So, What's Your Deal?

We interview Tom Shillue, who just returned from Edinburgh, about how his "Tonight Show" barbershop quartet, The Ragtime Gals, came to be thanks to head writer A.D. Miles. It's a story that starts over 10 years ago in an alley behind The Comic Strip and ends with Kevin Spacey volunteering to sing "Talk Dirty to Me" on national television.

20:00 - Hey, You Know Who's Great?

In this segment, we give props to a comedian who we've been really digging lately. This week it's Katina Corrao, our friend and indisputable winner of #TBT with her amazing old comedy head shots, like this one:

katina corrao headshots

25:15 - Make It Stop

We end the podcast by sharing something we think should seriously go away, like the inherent smug-factor in taking social media "breaks," the incestuous Twitter joke-gasm that was Obama's tan suit and accessible, friendly pop-science that takes all the danger and sexiness out of it ... for Tom, anyway.



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