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16 Signs You And Your Kids Have Had Too Many Snow Days

Too. Much. Cold.

Schools have closed, and cabin fever is settling in. While the first two or three days off were fun (sledding! hot chocolate!)... enough is enough.

Here are 16 signs that you and your kids have had too many snow days:

1. It feels like you've spent at least 1,527 hours putting on your child's snow gear.

2. If you hear the "Frozen" soundtrack one more freaking time...

3. Your kids have made more friendship bracelets than they have arm room for.

4. They actually miss doing "work," so they create their own.

5. When you told your kids you were making hot chocolate the first time...

When you tell them now...

6. Your kids are actually praying for warmth.

7. They're bored of baking banana bread...

...So you attempt tricky Pinterest baking projects instead (key word=attempt).

8. Snow art has reached a whole new level of elaborate.

Like, really elaborate.

9. Everyone has been pedicured, including dad.

10. They've watched every "Dora" episode, so you introduce them to "House of Cards."

11. You've made plans with the neighbors just so you can have a glass of their wine (you ran out already).

12. You start to believe that your kid's snow day summoning ritual legitimately works.

13. You've given up on washing hair.

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14. School administrators have turned to Vanilla Ice to announce yet another day off.

15. You've made a music video, too, but expressing your frustrations.

16. You feel like this guy everyday:

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