Too Much Violence in the World

Violence has become the norm throughout the world, especially considering the recent terrorist attacks in France, Nigeria, Kenya, and the killings in Chicago. One would be led to believe that violence will never end in the world.

If you look back at world history, you will see that violent behavior has been around since the beginning of time. Not one world leader successfully implemented a plan in which world peace was sustained. Having a world without violence would be like having a world without the sun or moon. It's sad to say that violence will be around until the leaders of the greatest nations on earth work together to achieve world peace. Peace is possible, but there is no easy way to accomplish this mission. When evil men with diabolical intentions are in a position to spread their rhetoric to the masses of people, then you will have wars and rumors of wars. What will it take to achieve world peace?

One of the first steps to achieving world peace would be convening a meeting with world leaders beyond the usual United Nations gatherings. Leaders from China, Russia, United States, England, France, Spain, Greece, Italy, Asia, India, Africa and Middle Eastern countries should be invited to the meeting to help layout a strategic plan which will stop the violence once and for all. No pain no gain. Drastic measures should be taken right now in order to save innocent lives around the globe. Living in fear of the next attack is definitely no way to live. There is a reason why some people choose to attack others and this type of behavior deserves a swift response. If the world leaders are not willing to meet with the rogue leaders, then how can we bring forth peace to the world? There will never be a better time than now to address this epidemic called violence because the next generation is depending on the current generation to carry us on into the future.

The current world will not make it past the next century if we do not eradicate this type of violence. Someone has to take the lead the same way Winston Churchill did during World War II. The Germans were perceived as a major threat and the world leaders unified to stop the threat.

This also led to many years of peace in the region. Some people are angry at the wrong people and that's one of the reasons why people are just killing whoever and whenever. This type of violence also takes place on the streets of Chicago where innocent people are killed almost everyday. You cannot solve a problem without going to the root of the problem. Someone has to know how to penetrate the minds of these evil people on one level or another. All men should meet first to air out their differences and if the meetings do not succeed, then try again before taking up arms to kill innocent people. Peace is Possible.