Tooth Fairy Letters From Kids Prove We Are Raising A Nation Of Negotiators (PHOTOS)

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A recent survey lays the Tooth Fairy's financial habits bare -- according to Delta Dental's annual poll, she offered kids over 15 percent more money per tooth last year than she did in 2011. (HuffPost Business explains what this may mean for our economy.)

But can a nation's relationship with one of its most prominent magical celebrities be measured by sterile statistics alone? We think not. When it comes to evaluating the Tooth Fairy's role in modern life, it clearly makes more sense to look for insight in the words and pictures of our youngest citizens. (We feel the same way about a wide variety of other topics, too.)

The following sample, collected from the HuffPost Parents community, is far from scientific, but we suspect it accurately reflects a prominent trend in Tooth Fairy correspondence: everyone just wants to make a deal.

The Negotiator
Author: Gabby

kid note can we make a deal

The Response Requested
Author: Rylie

bill helmer

The Boss
Author: Emma

debbie sottos

The Kid Who Thinks It's Christmas
Author: Dante

dana dentino

The Instruction Manual
Author: Charlotte

will riley

The Switcheroo
Author: Emerson

cute kid note

The "Twilight" Special
Author: Harlan

rachel waguespack

The Importance Of Being Earnest
Author: Michael

dan mirabal

The Haggling Win
Author: Anonymous

patty renz

The Ghostwriter
Author: Cassidy


The Illustrated Edition
Author: Victor

yolanda baros

The Deluxe Illustrated Edition
Author: Megan

teresa lenkiewicz

The J'Accuse!
Author: Jessica

tracey segarra

The All-Purpose Excuse
Author: Brenna

catherine morris

The Open Letter To Fairies Of All Varieties
Author: Rhett

jennifer severns

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