Dentist Named Toothaker Allegedly Stole Dental Gold

Dentist Named Toothaker Allegedly Stole Dental Gold

A Nebraska dentist has been accused of stealing nearly $17,000 worth of dental gold and medical equipment from a Veteran Affairs Medical Center.

Randall Toothaker, a 58-year-old Omaha resident, pleaded not guilty to pilfering the items on Wednesday, according to the Associated Press.

VA officials said in July 2013, Toothaker opened a locked medical cabinet and stole gold, other precious metals, and medical supplies, first reported.

A lab technician working with the dentist saw Toothaker put the items in a yellow bag before taking it to his car, according to a police affidavit.

Police pulled Toothaker over and searched his car, finding the items. Toothaker allegedly told police he didn't know how the equipment got into his bag.

Toothaker took to Facebook to say he is innocent.

Thank you to my friends who have sent us words of encouragement after some recent false accusations that have been published, broadcast and posted. Nobody even asked me for a comment or included any of our affadavits. The Prince of Darkness is alive and well and would love nothing more than to see the good name of one of Christ's believers ruined. Bring it on...if that's what it takes me to love you more...Jesus bring the Rain.

After Wednesday's court hearing, Toothaker declined to speak with the Associated Press.

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