10 Things In Your Home You Should Be Cleaning With A Toothbrush

Sparkling tiles are just the beginning.

If you learn one thing today, let it be this: Consider your toothbrush a secret weapon. The dental hygiene staple is good for a lot more than getting food out of your teeth. Trust us.

From scrubbing away dirt on your leather shoes to refreshing the white grout in your kitchen, toothbrushes have a way of making the impossible possible when it comes to cleaning tricky things in your home. One of our editors has gotten paint out of a wool coat, red wine out of suede boots and seemingly permanent mold off her bathroom tiles -- all with a handy plastic toothbrush. Check out the list below to see how you can creatively repurpose yours:

Clean Out Your Hairbrushes
Get Rid Of Shoe Scuffs
Brighten The Grout In Your Kitchen Or Bathroom
Get Crumbs Out Of Your Keyboard
Clean Delicate Jewelry
Gently Scrub The Vinyl In Your Car
Clean The Kitchen Sink
Clean The Crevices Of Your Cheese Grater
Scrub Grimy Bike Chains
Remove The Hair And Dust From The Hairdryer Vent

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