Toothless Bank Robber Says She Did It For Dentures: Evelyn Marie Fuller Arrested

Some law enforcement officers take a bite out of crime, but a woman in Pennsylvania says she resorted to bank robbery just to chew her food more easily.

Evelyn Marie Fuller, 49, was arraigned Tuesday on two counts of robbery and other charges stemming from a Jan. 20 bank robbery according to the Observer-Reporter newspaper.

Her motive: She needed money for dentures, cops say.

"During her confession, she stated she wanted to use the money to pay for dentures she was unable to get through welfare until next year," Waynesburg Patrolman Tom Ankrom, her arresting officer, told the paper.

According to the police report, Fuller allegedly entered the First National Bank minutes before the bank was scheduled to close and handed a teller a note demanding for a specific amount of cash.

The note warned the teller not to call police and stated she had a gun. But she never actually flashed the gun, according to

During the robbery, Fuller reportedly kept her head down and didn't talk, Chief Tim Hawfield said, according to

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A bank employee reportedly recognized Fuller as someone from her church and gave her name to the police, who distributed a surveillance photo of the robbery. An unnamed witness noticed Fuller in the photo -- realizing he'd loaned Fuller the coat that the robber was seen wearing in the picture.

The man told police Fuller returned the coat because the zipper didn't work, and police said it matched one the robber is wearing in the picture, according to the Associated Press.

During arraignment, Fuller told the District Judge she has mental health problems and is on medication, and her only source of income is from disability insurance. Until her arrest, she had been living with her daughter in Carmichaels, Pa., and before that lived in a mobile home.

Fuller faces a preliminary hearing next Tuesday, but she's already apologizing in comments she made to the Observer-Reporter.

"I'm very sorry for what I did, and I know God is going to punish me for it," Fuller told the paper, adding that her pastor had told her to tell the truth. She also asked the paper to print, "WWJD Thank you for all your prayers."

Surveillance videos from cameras on buildings in the area of the bank also had shown the robber exiting a vehicle prior to walking to the bank and investigators said they want to find out who might have been driving the vehicle and what the driver knew about the robbery.