Tootsie Roll Industries' 5 Lessons For Small Business

A lot of the lessons America's larger companies have to offer aren't that helpful to budding entrepreneurs. Sure, small companies would love to offer all their employees free lunch to boost morale (Google, Yahoo) or make splashy acquisitions to get attention. But spending lots of dough often isn't an option for America's smaller and scrappier startups. That's why it was so heartening to read Ben Kesling's profile of Tootsie Roll Industries in Wednesday's Wall Street Journal.

The Chicago company, which also makes Blow Pops, Junior Mints, Razzles and a few other beloved old-timey treats, is super secretive yet somehow has managed to grow and stay true to its roots over a 100-plus-year history.

Resling's story delivers some fascinating information about Tootsie Roll, which is run by one of the country's oldest CEOs.

We pulled out five takeaways for small business owners:

Five Lessons From The Tootsie Roll Company