Top 10 Apps for Digital Nomads - Be Prepared Working on the Road

Photo: Marcus Meurer working in Berlin | Photocredit: RAHN PHOTOGRAPHY

Traveling as a digital nomad and making money on the road requires an optimum setup of digital devices

The #1 challenge is to stay focused on the road and set up your own routines. It is also important to stick to your healthy lifestyle to stay productive when traveling the world.

I just came back from digital nomading in South America for half a year and want to share with you my TOP 10 apps for digital nomads. The best thing is they are all for free.

  1. Wunderlist is the most powerful To-do list app I know. You could share lists with other coworkers, assign tasks and keep your private and business stuff on track
  2. Trello helps you to work in a team on a project. You get a bird's eye view of your project and stay on track. Trello is the digital version of sticky notes in the analog lifestyle.
  3. Pocket helps you to stay focused on your tasks. If you find an interesting article, you can save it for later and read it offline whenever and wherever you have time to. It also removes the annoying ads and just saves the plain text.
  4. supports you in achieving your goals by setting up routines to structure your day. The community supports you in sticking to your routines.
  5. CityMaps2Go helps you navigate new areas with offline maps. You need to download the maps beforehand on your iPhone.
  6. is the best translation and dictionary app when traveling in foreign countries; it also works offline.
  7. Seven helps you to stay fit on the road. All you need is a wall and your own body weight. You can follow a daily functional workout that will dramatically improve your fitness.
  8. Headspace is the best app to learn meditation and stick to it. The guided meditation helps you to set up your new habit as a daily routine. Meditation and mindfulness brings you and your business to the next level.
  9. pzizz helps you to recharge your batteries with a power nap. It's also very useful for business owners with insomnia. It leads you into a peaceful sleep.
  10. Duolingo helps you to learn new languages. Traveling as a digital nomad gives you the chance to speak the new language with local people and improve your skills.

Most of the apps also work as desktop versions on your notebook for a seamless experience on all devices.

Give them a try to stay focused and productive on the road.

THX for reading and sharing!

I am founder of the DNX GLOBAL - Digital Nomad conference
Follow me on Twitter: @marcusmeurer95

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