Top 10 Biggest Marketing Moments of 2016

Time, once again, for all of the year-end lists to start popping up. I love them to death, partly because I get to relive the year and partly because I get to see what I should have learned this year! Which is exactly why I write my own list...the top ten biggest marketing moments of the year. At least according to my blog! Here goes:

Number 10: AmazonGo Goes Retail. The online king starts to conquer offline too.

Number 9: Starbucks Green Cup?!? No year-end list would be complete without something from Starbucks. The brand’s green cup created a stir, but I loved the message of unity.

Number 8: IBM and Artificial Intelligence. Giant IBM made a giant leap forward talking about its work in AI.

Number 7: CoverGirl’s First CoverBoy. This iconic beauty brand made a bold statement this year. It’s okay for men to express themselves. Bravo!

Number 6: Weight Watchers and Oprah. Right after the first of the year, Oprah became an owner and a face for Weight Watchers? We spent the year waiting to see if it would pay off.

Number 5: Michael Phelps and Under Armour. While the Rio Olympics didn’t produce a lot of big marketing moments, this piece of film that was introduced prior to the torch lighting set the stage for what was to come.

Number 4: Brands Reversing Negativity About Women. A number of big brands made big statements in reversing the negativity about women this year. This is a bit of a roundup.

Number 3: PokemonGo! Here’s what you should know, from a marketing standpoint, about the biggest gaming craze of the decade.

Number 2: Samsung Safety. You couldn’t board a plane this year without hearing about the Samsung safety issue. A marketing nightmare.

Number 1: The Final Election Spots Are In. There’s no doubt that this year’s Presidential campaign was all about marketing. The night before election day both candidates did their final push, summarizing just what kind of campaign they’d each run all year.

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